About us

Farm Defence is the creation of a rural community working together with a team of tech entrepreneurs to develop a new, real-time, remote area security system.  It is their answer to the rise in rural crime.

Rural crime is costing communities $100 million per year. Thefts from outbuildings, poaching and stock rustling are prevalent in rural New Zealand.  Personal experience, stories from neighbours and talking to the local police led to the idea that a security solution was needed that could overcome the specific challenges rural security and the protection of remote assets demands.

The Farm Defence system is designed to address all the shortcomings of conventional CCTV for rural, remote area security by utilising its capability to stop a crime while it is happening.

Developed over three years and in consultation with local police, Farm Defence is a 24 hr, self-powered device that has a 360 degree alarm system to protect nearly every farm operation.

Our mission is to secure rural families, livelihoods and communities by stopping rural property crime while it is happening.